Business Trends That Will Drive Success in 2018

With the dawn of a new year, new business aims and objectives are set or renewed to take on the challenges. Market readiness and strategy will be key components in this road to success. Based on Secondary research and opinions of the leaders in the respective industries; following is a compilation of few trends that is forecasted to drive success this year.

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Physical world over digital world

For the first time a reversal trend in the digital technology to be expected. Even though this is the golden era of digital technology Civic disengagement, changing thinking patterns and feelings of children, obesity, privacy and safety risk and other factors, trend is expected to be reversed and strike balance with higher involvement towards the physical world. While digital tools take back seat to support, real interactions will be on focus.

Popularity for live streaming

Live streaming of videos are expected to be popular and much engaging than other media tools. Customers will be more demanding for customized or tailored messages than general messages.

According to Nick Losq, founder & chief creative officer at StarBeast when a business starts adding a “live” component, introducing real people, in real time, it has the power to connect with consumers in a personal and honest manner, allowing businesses to separate themselves from their competitors.  Live video has the ability to give many businesses a face AND a soul.”

Changes in the learning Process

More than academic or remote learning social learning will be viewed important. Organizations are to encourage more interactions among staff and make use of emotional intelligence. Social learning will help staff to improve engagement, self-learning and autonomy.  Some organizations have taken an online approach by introducing communities for this purpose. There are many brand forums, B2B forums where you can discuss your ideas and inputs. Even the YouTube comment section has become a discussion forum for some.

Emergence of a new customer segment

A segment who was born after the computer and internet became a normal part of life (1998) will take on a fair percentage of the consumption. This segment will be radical, impulsive, less patient and highly emotional. It will be a challenging task for business to cater the segment. However, they can be a great potential in business growth in the long term.

Considering some of the above trends to be adopted in your organization may be helpful to make 2018 a successful business year

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