Businesses can store goods in Male’ North Harbour and T-Jetty

Male' Commercial Harbour (Photo: Mihaaru)

To ease the transfer of goods from Male’ to atolls, permission has been granted by Ministry of Economic Development for the storage of goods in Male’ North Harbor and T-Jetty.

Speaking at a press conference, Minister of Economic Development Mohamed Saeed stated that following the change brought to the timing of heavy vehicles transportation, many requests have been made by businesses to arrange means through which goods can be loaded to and unloaded from cargo vessels.

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To address and tackle those issues, the ministry has decided that staple foods, gas and water can be stored in Male’ North Harbor and T-Jetty, adding that the decision was made after discussions with Maladies Ports Limited and State Trading Organisation.

The changes will hopefully help resolve issues caused in the transfer of goods within the capital.

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