Cabinet Approves Gender Equality Action Plan, Promoting Economic Empowerment of Women

The Cabinet on Tuesday approved the Gender Equality Action Plan (GEAP) for 2022–2026 and named President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih as the chairman of the National Steering Committee.

The decision was made at the cabinet meeting held at the President’s Office yesterday, following deliberations on a paper proposed by the Ministry of Gender, Family, and Social Services.

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The National Steering Committee, under the guidance of President Solih, would provide overall oversight, guidance, and direction, and ensure implementation of the Gender Equality Policy drawn up under the Gender Equality Act (Law No. 18/2016).

The GEAP intends to ensure gender equality by increasing women’s ability to participate equally in all state and national-level engagements and promoting the economic empowerment of women. It would also ensure equality between men and women in leadership, economic activities, justice, and social well-being.

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