Calling All Local Architects! HDC Announces Mosque Design Competition

Housing Development Corporation (HDC) has announced an exciting competition for local architects to design a mosque for Hulhumale’s Central Park.

The Central Park is developed not only as a recreational park but also a catalyst for community development. The park and its surrounding area provide a much-needed open area in the rapidly urbanizing city while at the same time facilitating entrepreneurial, physical, cultural as well as social activities. The proposed Central Park mosque and religious center development which comprises a mosque and Islamic Library will support the cultural function of the park. Additionally, the architectural language of the proposed building premises should draw inspiration from Maldivian traditional architecture to create a landmark building that is inherently Maldivian.

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HDC is seeking talented and capable local architects to undertake this ambitious project, in affiliation with Ministry of Economic Development, under the corporate social responsibility program via a design competition. The design brief can be found via this link.

Design competitions are a way of giving back to the built-environment community by fostering a competitive environment. The excitement of participating in competitions are believed to boost office morale and develop teams through a collaborative effort. Design competitions are also a powerful tool to bring forth the young and new talent in the industry. The anonymous process results in a fair and unbiased evaluation where the winner is selected purely based on their merit. Therefore, presenting local architects the opportunity to participate and contribute to the development of the city enrichens the cultural and social value of the project as well.

The winner of the competition will receive a prize of MVR 300,000.

Interested individuals must submit their registration forms for the competition before 27th May 2021. Link for registration can be found here.

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