Canareef Resort Embraces Solar Power

Canareef Resort Maldives is taking concrete steps towards sustainability with the installation of 720 solar panels. This initiative demonstrates the resort’s dedication to reducing its environmental impact within the tourism sector.

The installation process, scheduled for completion within a month, aims to generate an impressive 400KW of power. The solar panels will cover both guest and staff areas, providing a renewable energy source for a wide range of resort operations.

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Canareef Resort Maldives anticipates a significant reduction in fuel consumption, estimated at around 10%, as a direct result of the solar panel implementation. This translates into tangible environmental benefits and cost savings for the resort.

The resort emphasizes its ongoing commitment to expanding its renewable energy solutions. Plans are in place to install two additional units, further strengthening its position as a sustainability leader within the tourism industry.

Apart from reducing the environmental impact, solar power adoption is also expected to decrease generator maintenance requirements, leading to long-term cost reductions and increased operational efficiency for the resort.

Located in the Maldives’ southernmost atoll, Canareef Resort Maldives offers a pristine island getaway. With 271 beach villas, multiple dining options, and various recreational activities, the resort provides a complete and sustainable holiday experience for its guests.

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