Capital Market Development Authority Hosts 2021 World Investor Week to Promote Investor Education

Capital Market Development Authority (CMDA) will be carrying out activities during the first week of October to celebrate ‘World Investor Week’. World Investor Week is recognized and celebrated since 2017 by the International Organization of Securities Commission to raise awareness about saving, investment, and to protect the rights of investors.

CMDA held a ceremony to launch the ‘World Investor Week’ activities with the chief executive officer of CMDA Mr, Mohamed Hussain Manik as the chief guest. Different financial institutions will participate in this year’s events including Maldives Monetary Authority (MMA), Maldives Pension Administration office, Maldives Stock Exchange, SME Development Corporation, and Maldives Islamic Bank.

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CMDA has stated that its focus is to raise awareness regarding financial scams and frauds. A large number of scams were seen in the past years due to the shift in financial transactions from manual to digital. Therefore, Mr. Mohamed Hussain Manik has stated that it is important to celebrate a week like this to raise awareness regarding investment and emphasize the importance of financial literacy. In addition to this, he also believes that more people should know about the validity, risks, and benefits of investments and financial transactions.

On World Investor Week, CMDA will be carrying out an awareness program to school students and teachers regarding saving and investments. CMDA will also be conducting a quiz competition for a week through Facebook to raise awareness about the capital market and financial literacy.

For further clarifications, contact CMDA’s hotline 3336619.

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