Captain Abdullah Saeed Named Among Top 10 Influential Logistics Leaders

Maldives State Shipping’s former CEO and managing director, Captain Abdullah Saeed, has been recognized as one of the “10 most influential leaders in logistics 2024” by Inc Magazine, marking a significant accolade for both him and the Maldivian maritime sector. This recognition demonstrates his crucial role in transforming Maldives State Shipping into a key player in the logistics and shipping industry.

Captain Abdullah’s journey in the maritime field began in 1983 as a cadet at Maldives Shipping Ltd. (MSL), culminating in his licensure as a Master Mariner in 1992. His transition from maritime to business and public administration has been marked by significant accomplishments, including his tenure as Cabinet Secretary at the President’s Office from 2008 to 2012. His leadership at Maldives State Shipping, under the State Trading Organization Plc (STO) flag, has been instrumental in navigating the company through challenging waters.

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Under Captain Abdullah’s stewardship, Maldives State Shipping Company, which began its maiden voyage in April 2020, has seen remarkable growth. Initially holding a modest 4.4% market share, the company now commands a significant 57% market share in its corridor. This success is attributed to the company’s strategic operations, including regular cargo shipments on the Colombo-Malé route and extending services to the ports of the United Arab Emirates and Tuticorin.

Captain Abdullah’s role extends beyond operational management to overseeing STO’s subsidiaries and joint ventures. Notable achievements under his leadership include the signing of an MOU for international bunkering services and launching the first-ever AI-powered smart store in the Maldives. His forward-thinking approach has positioned MSS as a leader in providing reliable and efficient shipping solutions, leveraging global networks and investing in cutting-edge technology.

Environmental sustainability is also a cornerstone of MSS’s operations under Captain Abdullah’s leadership. The company is committed to operating in an ecologically responsible manner, adhering to IMO norms and rules, and providing opportunities for local employment.

Looking to the future, Captain Abdullah’s vision for MSS includes investing in human capital and expanding commercial operations. This includes the “Kalaaseen” scholarship program aimed at addressing skill deficits and plans to open offices in key maritime centres. Additionally, MSS is set to enhance its fleet and operational capacity, focusing on developing local vessel networks and expanding trade routes.

Captain Abdullah Saeed’s inclusion in Inc Magazine’s list of influential logistics leaders is a testament to his dynamic leadership style, commitment to innovation, and contribution to the growth of Maldives State Shipping and the broader maritime industry.

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