Census Data Collection Has Begun for Maldivians Residing Abroad

Maldives Bureau of Statistics has begun collecting data on Maldivians residing overseas for the census. On 2nd November, according to a tweet by the bureau, they had already started gathering information on Maldivians living overseas and this survey will be administered through the end of this month.

The Bureau has requested that Maldivians living abroad fill out the form on their website within the specified time frame.

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The last Maldives census was conducted eight years ago. According to figures issued by the Maldives Bureau of Statistics this month, the country’s Maldivian population is 355,331, as determined by the census held this year.

This is 16,897 greater than the total Maldivian population counted in the 2014 census. At the time of the census, there were 338,434 Maldivians living in Maldives. According to census figures, the number of expats living in Maldives has increased by 33,527 since 2014.  63,637 expats living in Maldives, however this year’s census indicates that there are currently over 97,000 foreigners living in Maldives.

According to Bureau of Statistics, 89% of the Maldivian population residing both in and outside of Maldives have been enumerated so far. They were also attempting to acquire information from those with whom they had been unable to make contact.

If a person’s data have not been obtained for the census, the Bureau has requested to contact them via their hotline 1423 or phone number 3008400. Additionally, the information can be submitted via an online form on their website: https://statisticsmaldives.gov.mv/census-study/

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