Changes brought to time-frame for collecting goods from PikPost

Maldives Post Limited has regulated the time-limit for goods to be collected from their Pik Post centres.

According to Maldives Post, a relatively high number of goods are received through post towards the end of every year. Though the service is rendered to a great number of customers, the time limit to collect the goods have been reduced from 24 hours down to 12 hours, Maldives Post reveals.

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Maldives Post, therefore, urges customers to collect goods within 12 hours from the time they receive the text message. Post explains that the reason for reducing the time-frame from 24 hours to 12 hours is to deliver more products in a shorter period of time.

The 24-hour Pik Post service was launched in October of the previous year. Since then, they have established offices in a number of islands in 14 Atolls, and deliveries are taking place all over the country through 170 of their agents.

While Maldives Post Ltd receives thousands of products on a daily basis, they have innovated contemporary methods to serve their customers with convenience. These methods include the counter delivery mechanism, SMS notifications, and the online queue management system.

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