Changes Made to Executive Positions Within IGMH

Certain changes have been made to executive positions within state hospital, Indira Gandhi Memorial Hospital (IGMH).

IGMH announced that Dr. Yoosuf Shan, the Senior Consultant in Orthopedics, has been appointed to replace Dr. Ali Nazeem as the Director of Medical Services, following the completion of his tenure.

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Dr. Shan assumed his responsibilities as the new Director of Medical Services on 1st January 2021. The tenure of the Director of Medical Services is three years.

Furthermore, IGMH has increased the number of members of the Medical Executive Board from 7 to 11. The members of the Board are:

  1. Dr. Yoosuf Shan
  2. Dr. Ali Nazeem
  3. Dr. Mohamed Aseel Jaleel
  4. Dr. Ali Abdulla Latheef
  5. Dr. Moosa Hussain
  6. Dr. Niyasha Ibrahim Mohamed
  7. Dr. Milza Abdul Muhsin
  8. Dr. Abdulla Ubaid
  9. Dr. Mohamed Shifan
  10. Dr. Ibrahim Shiham
  11. Dr. Aminath Nazeer

IGMH has stated that it expects the changes to the positions will improve the efficiency of services provided by the hospital.

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