China to Build Malé City Roads for Free, President Announces

During a campaign rally for parliamentary elections, President Dr Mohamed Muizzu announced that China has agreed to construct all roads within Malé City free of charge. The President stated that providing housing and road infrastructure remains a top priority for the region.

President Muizzu indicated that negotiations with China are nearing completion. He further asserted that previous attempts to secure this infrastructure project during his tenure as Mayor were obstructed by the former MDP government.

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The President criticized the MDP’s handling of land reclamation projects in Gulhifalhu and Giraavarufalhu, claiming that their approach lacked sufficient planning for roads and essential services like schools and hospitals.

President Muizzu reaffirmed his government’s commitment to ongoing land reclamation efforts in Gulhifalhu and Giraavarufalhu. He stated that a comprehensive land-use plan is in the works, and individuals who have submitted the necessary documents will be allocated land upon its completion.

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