City council introduces paid parking facilities in Male’

Male’ city council has introduced paid parking facilities at the parking zone developed at Dhandaheluge located in Maafannu district of the capital.

The city council has announced that forms to apply for parking services at the Dhandaheluge Parking Zone will be available from the council headquarters starting from next Wednesday. The Dhandaheluge Parking Zone has the capacity to park 40 four-wheeled vehicles.

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The rates for parking zone:

  • Motorcycle: Monthly fee MVR 600, MVR 5 per hour after 30 minutes of usage.
  • Car, land rover, van, small pickup: Monthly fee MVR 3,000, MVR 20 per hour after 30 minutes of usage.
  •  500-2,000 kg pickup: Monthly fee MVR 3,500, MVR 25 per hour after 30 minutes of usage.
  • 2,000-5,000 kg truck: Monthly fee MVR 4,000, MVR 30 per hour after 30 minutes of usage.

According to the City Council, the parking spaces will be issued after a draw and in order of the draw, if the number of applicants exceeds the total capacity of the parking zone.

Only vehicles in drivable condition, registered in accordance with city council regulations, with road-worthiness fee and annual fee in order, and with vehicle insurance are eligible for parking services from the facility.

The vehicle must also be registered to the applicant, and only the specific vehicle will be allowed to park at the facility.

The city council warns that pickups granted permission to park at the facility will forfeit the permit if the vehicle is sold or leased to another party.

It also warns that permits will be cancelled if the parking space remains vacant for over five days.

Permit holders are required to pay the monthly parking fee by 3rd of each month. Delay in payment will result in a MVR 50 fine, and failure to make the payment by 5th of the month will result in cancellation of the permit.

The city council, Planning Ministry and Transport Ministry are collaborating to remedy the issue of traffic congestion and lack of congestion in the overpopulated capital.

Planning Ministry has announced that additional parking spaces have been established across the capital. It includes the parking zone developed at M. Dhandaheluge, the parking zone developed at the premises where the Asaree Café used to be run at, the parking zone developed at Hinamaage, and the parking zone for heavy-load vehicles developed at Male’ Industrial Village.

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