City Council Reveals Rules to Follow When Reopening Markets

Male’ City council has publicized the rules which need to be followed when reopening city markets after the COVID-19 lockdown. Markets are set to resume services in July after obtaining permission from required authorities.

Male’ City Council confirmed the rules to follow in reopening markets were done in consultation with HPA. The rules include attending to the cleanliness of the walkways and the products, along with the personal hygiene of workers. Additionally, the market areas will be disinfected and cleaned daily.

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The Council also stressed on the importance of practicing social distancing inside the markets, to stay away if you have any symptoms of the disease, and to avoid keeping products on the ground.

The Council advises to clean goods every day and to keep price tags properly visible to customers.  According to the rules, market staff are advised not to touch the items sold in the markets for preventive purposes.

Customers are also advised to follow the rules: wear masks at all times, and pay attention and follow the precautionary measures taken inside market areas.

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