Civil Servants Demand Higher Wages; Various Govt Offices Come to a Halt!

Civil servants of various government offices did not attend work yesterday as part of the civil servants’ strike.

The Maldives Civil Servants Association revealed that while more employees wished to participate, they did not due to fear of repercussions. They further added that the island councils showed support of the movement by closing offices yesterday.

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The demands by the civil servants include:

  • Increasing salary of entry level employees
  • Advancements in accordance with certificates
  • Similar bonuses as political appointees
  • Implementation of minimum wage
  • Additional allowances for administrative positions at schools

While the civil servants went on strike demanding an official statement by the government, the President of Civil Service Commission (CSC) Mohamed Nasih, said on Sunday that he has full faith in the Pay Commission that they will increase the pay of civil servants at the earliest date. Nasih also noted that the wages of civil servants are a concern of the commission and they have sent a salary increase structure to the Pay Commission earlier.

The National Pay Commission released a press brief yesterday stating that the revised pay framework will be released sometime this year. The new pay framework will include the minimum wage, revised wages for entry-level employees, and revised salaries for various jobs.

The Pay Commission stated that the new pay framework will be effective as of 2022.

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