Coca-Cola Has Launched a Mobile Application, “Coke 2 Home” to Order Their Products Online

The Coca-Cola Company has launched a mobile application under the name “Coke2Home” to order their products online. They provide free delivery for orders placed through the application for anywhere in Male’ within 24 hours. This app is available for download now on google play and apple store.

This application was launched in a ceremony held at National Art Gallery by the Deputy Minister of Ministry of Economic Development, Adam Thaufeeq. Speaking at the launching ceremony, Adam stated that this application will not only provide quick service but also result in being environment-friendly as it will reduce the usage of plastic bottles.

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The General Manager of Coca-Cola company, Milind Derasaria stated that this is a huge step forward in making the company as technology-friendly as possible. Moreover, it will be a solution for the biggest issue they face, complaints by customers for difficulties in placing orders by phone. According to, Derasaria, this issue is faced due to 1000’s of phone calls that they receive every day which leads to difficulties in attending all at once.

In addition to this, Derasaria stated that this application is designed in a very user-friendly way where everyone can easily place order via the application.

Since its establishment in 1990, Coca-Cola company has been introducing new products and services for its customers every year.

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