Multinational beverage corporation famously known for selling Coca Cola, the most popular and biggest-selling soft drink in history, Coca Cola Company has released a 100 percent Maldivian ad for the very first time.

Produced by Chopart Maldives, the ad features two of the most prominent actors in the country, Mr Ahmed Nimal and Ms Sheela Najeeb.

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Coca Cola’s marketing team stated that the company expects the relationship between Maldivians and Coca Cola to be strengthened because of the ad.

Directed as a short film, the ad features a Maldivian family breaking their fasts. The meals for breakfast had been prepared by the son and shows him asking his sister whether the food was good. At that moment, both the sister and his father comment that something is missing, and the mother gets up to solve the missing piece – a coca cola bottle.

The ad for Coca Cola Company was launched at a special event held in Maagiri Hotel.

Coca Cola Company has previously featured a song sung by a Maldivian artist in one of their ads.

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