Code for Climate Programme Open for Girls from R. Dhuvaafaru

Women in Tech Maldives has announced “ Code for Climate” a new initiative to create awareness about climate change and create solutions in this area using technology. 

Code for Climate is a one month programme to equip girls between 13 and 16 years of age with computer programming, Python and Machine Learning. The first of this programme is aimed for girls living in R. Dhuvaafaru is supported by Joali Maldives. With online and physical sessions, the programme will cover the said concepts in such a way that the participants will apply the skills they learn to real world problems and solve those issues.

Registrations for this programme is now open through the Women in Tech Maldives website: and the classes will begin on 8th May 2022.

Women in Tech Maldives aims to inspire and encourage the next generation of girls and women to join the technology field. The organization believes this field is going to be one of the most promising fields for the future. Girls and women as it is are less in the field across the globe. All of us aim to make an effort to increase this number and educate girls on technology subjects, in order to create a tech savvy generation of girls.

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