COENCIO Signs Strategic Partnership with The Colombo Leadership Academy

The  Colombo Leadership Academy, CLA Coaching – specialists for executive education and leadership coaching, has expanded its activities to the Republic of Maldives through a strategic partnership with the Maldivian company COENCIO.

Coencio LLP is an entity specialising in business advisory and consultancy services providing risk intelligence, governance and culture audits, HR audits and internal audits. Coencio’s affiliated companies Quaero, Mind Haven and Enlighten a Mindful Community (EMC) provide wellness coaching and mentoring services, learning, growth & development programs, counselling, guidance and mental health, social and emotional coaching sessions to enhance personal and professional progress of clients. The practice includes diversified approaches and techniques from certified licensed professionals of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), Social and Emotional Intelligence, Life Coaching and Mental Health.

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CLA Coaching Director and Chief Executive Officer Riaz Hassen said that “We are delighted to enter into the partnership with Coencio Group offering a wider spectrum of coaching and leadership development certifications and solutions and the CLA Great Managers awards program.

Reema Rasheed of Coencio said “We are excited to sign up with CLA Coaching and will also act as the strategic partner for CLA Great Managers awarding program in Maldives. Our businesses complement each other well and this would give a boost to our service quality”.

The CLA Great Managers awarding program is now open for companies in Maldives to participate. The award identifies, assesses, and recognises Companies with Great Managers.

The CLA Great Managers program continues to focus on advancing the domains of managerial and leadership effectiveness of all nominated managers by offering thorough feedback and comments through the deep-dive analytics model DACTI – 5X.

The key takeaway is to recognise managers who are improving their desire to drive results through people-based skills with holistic knowledge of what the organisation is trying to achieve.

The CLA Great Manager awards provide an opportunity for each organisation to examine its own managerial and leadership quotient and compare it to the best in the nation, finding overall strengths and potential improvement areas for the company’s managerial pool benchmarking industry best practices.

The programme helps to develop higher levels of engagement by fostering the development of stronger managers and the industry’s manager community. The awards also serve the larger objective of evaluating the ecosystem that fosters excellent managers and best practices among a broader spectrum of organisations across the Maldives.

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