Construction Ministry Announces Progress on Ameenee Road Project

The Ministry of Construction and Infrastructure has reported ongoing discussions with the Road Development Corporation (RDC) concerning the pending construction of segments 12 and 13 on Ameenee Road, a project under the oversight of RDC.

The two incomplete segments, recognised as the busiest section on Ameenee Road, are scheduled for construction to mitigate traffic congestion. The Ministry assures that the collaboration with traffic police will streamline traffic flow management on Ameenee Road and the Raajje Transport Link (RTL) bus routes.

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The government awarded the construction contract for Ameenee Road to RDC on 3 July 2022, with a budget of MVR 84 million. However, despite the initial seven-month timeline, the project encountered delays, resulting in missed completion deadlines.

Upon completion, the Ameenee Road project will comprise a paved 1.7 km stretch, incorporate a modern drainage system, reintegrate streetlights, and include the construction of bus stops, signboards, and bumpers. 

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