Contract Signed to Establish Drug Detoxification Center in Addu

The contract for setting up a ‘Drug detoxification Centre’ in Hulhudhoo, Addu City, was awarded today in a ceremony held at the Ministry of National Planning, Housing and Infrastructure. The project is funded through an MVR 8 million grant assistance from India and will be steered and executed by the Ministry of National Planning, Housing and Infrastructure. The project contract has been awarded within two weeks of the signing of the MoU for its implementation on 09 November, during the visit of Indian Foreign Secretary Harsh V. Shringla to the Maldives.

The Drug Detox Centre is among the 30 small and medium High-Impact Community Development projects that are being carried out under total grant assistance of approx. MVR 200 million (USD 13 million) from India. The proposed Drug Detox Centre in Hulhudhoo, Addu, will provide detoxification, community rehabilitation and residential rehabilitation services. Through the services provided, the Centre will also help in the reduction of crimes associated with drug abuse and will contribute to bringing peace and harmony to the local island population.

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It is recognized by all that substance abuse within local island communities is a serious issue that Maldivian authorities have been grappling with for some time now. An alarming rise in the number of children and adolescents engaging in the use of drugs has been noticed. While there are 4 drug rehabilitation centres in the Maldives, a pressing need is felt for more centres to meet the demands of a large number of clients for drug detoxification and community rehabilitation services. India is, therefore, honoured to support a project that will provide rehabilitation services to drug addicts and comfort and respite to their families and the larger island communities.

India is a comprehensive development partner of the Maldives. The focus of India’s development assistance in the Maldives has been to support projects that benefit the local communities as well as build big infrastructure projects which benefit Maldivian economy and strengthen the foundation of a strong and prosperous Maldives.

Many of the Indian grant projects have been successfully completed including the ‘Convention Centre in Ukulhas’, the largest Convention Centre in the Maldives outside of Male’, installation of Streetlights in Kolhufushi, development of Vaani Police Centre, providing ‘Vehicles and machinery’ to the Male’ City council, Goidhoo-Fehendhoo school ferry, providing equipment for setting up Outdoor gyms on 61 islands and 67 Children’s Parks spread across the Atolls.

Several other projects will be completed very soon. These include Rasdhoo Coastal protection project, Wetland Park in Faresmathoda, laying of synthetic track at Ekuveni in Male’, providing support to My Home Fiyavathi in Hulhumale’, Development of Central Park and Renovation of the Jetty in Hulhumale’, construction of classrooms in Lhohi and Kinolhas schools, supporting the Community Centre at Foakaidhoo, setting up 3 fish-processing plants and 5 eco-tourism zones in Addu City, and a bottled-water plant in Hoarafushi, among others.  

Addu occupies a special place in India’s development partnership with the Maldives. India is partnering with the Addu City Council for setting up of 3 fish-processing plants and 5 eco-tourism zones under total grant assistance of MVR 64 million (USD 4.2 million). India’s largest grant assistance project in the Maldives for approx. MVR 500 million (USD 33 million) – the National College for Police and Law Enforcement Studies (NCPLES) in Addu City – is in the final stages of its completion. Apart from these projects, India is also supporting Government of Maldives for execution of the Addu Roads and Reclamation project which is included under India’s $ 800 million credit line.

Another hallmark of Indian projects is their inclusiveness. High-impact community projects undertaken through Indian grant assistance are selected by Government of Maldives through the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and involve a high level of community participation and impact in the areas of livelihood and income generation, health, education, gender and child empowerment, sports, sustainable development, etc. These projects constitute an important dimension of the dynamic development partnership between India and the Maldives and are driven by the needs of communities on the islands.

The Drug Detoxification Centre in Hulhudhoo, Addu is yet another shining example of the nature of the development partnership between India and the Maldives, which is transparent, participative and tailored to the requirements of the local community. India looks forward to the early completion of this project.

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