Corporate Maldives Launches Real Estate Segment, Targeting Commercial & Tourism Real Estate Opportunities

Corporate Maldives, in partnership with Cosmos Consulting Group, has launched a Real Estate segment, a specially curated platform showcasing the newest and finest in commercial and tourism real estate opportunities in the Maldives.

The platform has been designed to create hassle-free connectivity between potential buyers and sellers, allowing our partners to easily capitalize on the immense reach of Corporate Maldives among the corporate community of Maldives.

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Cosmos Consulting Group (CCG) is a registered consulting firm offering a wide spectrum of advisory services, including real estate, investment planning, and fund sourcing.

By utilizing the technical expertise of CCG, Corporate Maldives will spearhead the next evolution of real estate marketing and sales among Maldives’ finest commercial & tourism real estate.

Interested parties may send their details via or email

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