Corporate Maldives’ Lockdown PC/Laptop Buying Guide

Computer systems are an essential item in our day to day lives. Especially now with the new normal almost all our daily activities being adapted to virtual means.

Corporate Maldives checked with computer vendors in Male’ to make a list of the best recommended specs available here at the moment with a focus on the most commonly used configurations.

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For Office Workers

Dell Inspiron 14 3480-8141SG i3 8th Gen

IT experts at Personal Computers suggests desktops or laptops that have at least the latest Core i5 processor, with minimum 4-8 Gb RAM, and 500 Gb and above of storage as best for office use. Also, a display size of 14” or 15.6” will definitely be recommended.

He made the suggestion taking into account the basic office works such as sending mails, using application like Word, Excel, PowerPoint,
Accounting software.

Personal Computers suggest that the aforementioned features will be offered in Microsoft Surface Laptop, Surface book, Surface Pro, Apple MacBooks, HP Pavilion 15, Hp Pavilion x360, Acer Aspire 5, Dell Inspiron, Lenovo ThinkPad, HUAWEI Matebook x pro , Dell XPS etc.

Prices of these brands of desktops and laptops in Personal Computers range from MVR 10,000 to MVR 15,000.

For Students

HP Pavilion x360 14-dh0040TX i5 8th Gen

Colleges, schools and unis have opted for virtual means of education as a precautionary measure against the virus. It’s very important to have a laptop with the best features to get a classroom vibe to fully focus on the lectures.

Expert suggest the best laptops for students will be those with an i3 processor, minimum 4Gb of RAM, 500Gb of storage at least, and a display size of 14”. Going for light-weight for easy commute and carrying will also be a bonus.

Dell G3 / G5, Asus ROG / TUF, Acer Predator / Nitro, Hp Pavilion 14 are the best laptops recommended by the technical expert in Personal Computers.  Expect to pay below MVR 10,000 for these systems.

For Kids

Acer Aspire 5 A514-52G-58MM

When purchasing a laptop for kids, don’t go for the cheapest one. There are many important features to consider before buying your kids their first or next laptop aside from the price.

Experts suggest going for a laptop or tablet with a Celeron processor, 4Gb RAM, and 500Gb storage. It is very important to go for laptops with durable build. Tablets with protective covers are preferred these days as they are easier to use and carry around.

Personal Computers has suggested desktops such as Hp, Dell, Acer AIO Desktop Computers, Microsoft Surface Go. Dell 3070 desktop, Acer Aspire Desktop computers, HP Pavilion Celeron Laptops, Acer Aspire Celeron Laptops, Dell Inspiron Celeron Laptops for kids.

Prices for these laptops are at affordable rates, ranging from MVR 5,000 to MVR 8,000.



Having a desktop or laptop for home to maintain list of groceries and expenses or even as a home entertainment system will be very efficient during a lockdown especially.

Personal Computers suggests to opt for a basic desktop or laptop configuration for home. These will typically have an i3 processor, 4Gb RAM, and about 500Gb of storage. As these features will fit the most average works done on home.

Personal Computers has suggested desktops such as Hp, Dell, Acer AIO Desktop Computers, Microsoft Surface Go. Dell 3070 desktop, Acer Aspire Desktop computers, HP Pavilion Celeron Laptops,Acer Aspire Celeron Laptops , Dell Inspiron Celeron Laptops for home.

Prices for desktops with these features range from MVR 9,000 to MVR 11,000.

For Multimedia / Gaming

Dell G5 5590 i7 9th Gen

Gamers tend to prefer the latest and fastest hardware. Finding the best desktop or laptop for gaming and multimedia use is no easy task, with small details affecting the quality of graphics and experience the system will provide.

Experts recommend going for a system with the latest i7 processor, SSD for the OS and programs, 1TB of storage at least for applications and games, 16Gb RAM minimum, a good dedicated graphics card from NVidia, and a big display.

Razer Blade Laptops, Dell G3 / G5, Asus ROG / TUF, Acer Predator / Nitro, MSI Laptops, Lenovo Legion provide the aforementioned features

You don’t get this kind of powerful hardware for cheap though, so prices, even for a low-end gaming PC or laptop, aren’t going to go easy on your wallet. Expect prices to begin from around MVR 16,000 at least and go higher… much higher.

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