Corporate Maldives to recognize Visionary Business Leaders with “Lifetime Achievement Award”

Corporate Maldives has established the Lifetime Achievement Award to recognize visionary business leaders who have made significant contributions to the Maldivian business community as well as the overall community in general. Every year, Corporate Maldives will announce two award recipients whose business, and philanthropic activities have enhanced the overall development of the Maldivian business community. The recipient of the Lifetime Achievement Award will be announced during the Corporate Maldives GOLD 100 Gala.

Selection Criteria for the “Lifetime Achievement Award”

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These visionaries are being recognized for their leadership ability, vision, determination, and dedication to improving the Maldivian business/overall community. Award recipients’ activities will reflect the cumulative impact of their long-term dedication and involvement with their community, philanthropic contributions, and positive general and/or business impact on their local community. These individuals must have been in the business community for 15 years or longer & above the age of 55 years.

  1. Vision and Leadership

The candidates must have attained senior level or leadership initiative over several years in the organizations with which they have been involved by demonstrating application of their experience, vision, insight and leadership qualities.

  1. Business Impact

The candidates will have had an impact on the Maldivian business/overall community; for example through verifiable economic success, exceptional management expertise, etc.

  1. Humanitarianism

The candidates will demonstrate their efforts to further Maldivians’ social or economic well being as demonstrated through leadership in philanthropy or in community-based initiatives.

  1. Inspiration and Motivation

Candidates will have been an inspiration to others, displaying professionalism, a consistently positive and motivating attitude, demonstrated ongoing respect for others, as well as having established a visible and long-term record of accomplishment that merits special recognition.

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