Cosmopolitan Amplifies Ethical Stance with Farm Made Foods’ Free-Range and Cage-Free Eggs

Cosmopolitan, a renowned entity in the food and beverage supply industry, has announced the introduction of Farm Made Foods’ free-range and cage-free eggs to its product line. 

These eggs, harvested using age-old farming traditions, testify to the company’s pledge to uphold the most rigorous animal protection standards. The Farm Made Foods free-range eggs are sourced from hens that are pasture-raised, enjoying a life that aligns with the principle: “Contented hens produce superior eggs.” Their diet is natural, ensuring the eggs are of the finest quality.

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Additionally, the cage-free eggs offer a glimpse into a modern approach to ethical farming. Within expansive barns, hens have the freedom to move around, flap their wings, socialise, and perch. These barns are designed to provide a healthy environment, with ample natural light and fresh air. Furthermore, these hens are fed a wholesome vegetarian diet, which includes soya, maize, limestone, vitamins, herbs, and greens.

As the demand for conscientious food choices rises, Cosmopolitan remains at the forefront, leading by example.

Cosmopolitan, a recipient of the esteemed GOLD 100 award, has earned its reputation for superior product quality and excellent customer service.

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