Countdown is On! Cora Cora Maldives Resort to Celebrate its Grand Opening in 100 Days

From October 1, 2021 – in exactly 100 days – the first guests at Cora Cora Maldives Resort will be able to forget their everyday lives for a short time and enjoy moments of total freedom in the middle of the Indian Ocean. The resort is probably one of the most sensational openings of the year in the Maldives. Here, countless paradisiacal attributes meet a feel-good atmosphere and relaxed luxury. The entire team around Martin Van Der Reijden – General Manager is looking forward to the opening in October with great anticipation: “All work and construction measures are going according to plan and our vision is being filled with life more and more every day.

100 days to go until the grand opening – that means at least 100 good reasons why we are especially looking forward to this day!”

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1. Cora Cora Maldives Resort is located in Raa Atoll, north of the capitalMalé.

2. It is located on the idyllic island of Raa Maamigili, which was once eveninhabited. 

3. After arrival at the international airport in Malé, it takes only 45 minutes by seaplane to get  to the resort. 

4. Here, a 5-star luxury resort expects the guests on the island. 

5. According to the motto “It’s freedom time” visitors will experience special moments of joy. 

6. The resort promisesto take its guests on a special journey into a world full of individual and  unforgettable experiences and absolute relaxation. 

7. Particularly paradisiacal: the Cora Cora Maldives Resort is located on a naturallagoon. 

8. A walk across the tropical island takes barely five minutes. It is 750 meters long and 500  meters wide. 

9. The velvety white beaches are strewn with beautiful cowrie shells. They were used as a  monetary unit in the Middle Ages and today often adorn Maldivian coins. 

10. Unlike the typicalsandy beach, the white sand on the island is not quartz but crushed pieces  of coral. 

11. The island also impresses with its lush, tropical vegetation. 

12. Tall coconut palms provide shade and enhance the tropical atmosphere. They can grow up  to 30 meters high and get up to 100 years old. As the national tree, they are particularly deeply rooted in the identity of the island nation. 

13. Nearly 60 different plant species are native to the island. Frangipani, roses, hibiscus and  anthuriums are just a few of the colorful plants that create an absolute vacation feeling.

14. Also, the pink rose, which is considered the national flower of the Maldives, blooms on the  island Raa Maamigili in fullsplendor. 

15. Another highlight is the coral reef, which extends over 100 hectares and is completely  untouched. The natural aquarium is home to countless colorful fish and turtles that can be  admired up close. 

16. The resort’s memorable name – “Cora Cora” – is derived from this spectacular reef. Corals  are symbolic for strength and beauty. Attributes that are reflected in the philosophy of the  resort as well. 

17. The climatic conditions are also convincing all along the line: Countless hours of sunshine  paired with a light ocean breeze ensure pleasant feel-good weather. 

18. The resort consists of 100 villas and suites, which are distributed over the entire natural  lagoon. 

19. The accommodations are divided into nine categories, including beach, lagoon- and pool  villas. 

20. Each villa has an exclusive panoramic view of the deep blue IndianOcean. 

21. 28 Beach Villas are the perfect vacation accommodation for families, as they can be booked  with two rooms as an option. 

22. 10 Beach Pool Villas are especially convincing for guests who are both beach and pool  lovers. Here, twin rooms are available for families as well. 

23. Those who are looking for an exclusive house directly on the beach will find the right  accommodation in the two Beach Suites. 

24. 37 Lagoon Villas invite guests to dream directly above the IndianOcean. 

25. A special highlight is also the Lagoon Pool Villas. Here, guests can enjoy swimming fun in  private and do not have to leave their villa for a dip in the sea. The villas can also be booked  as duplex or twin rooms. 

26. All villas and suites are furnished in a relaxed-luxurious style and offer guests maximum  comfort. 

27. The interior of the rooms is cozy and homey. The warm tile colors, modern decor, and  impressive artwork transform Cora Cora Maldives Resort into a true “home away from  home.” 

28. The furnished terraces invite you to sunbathe extensively. 

29. Outdoor bathtubs, with which some villas are equipped, also provide special moments of  well-being. 

30. Families are especially welcome at Cora Cora Maldives Resort.

31. In the Kid’s club, a colorful and fun program is arranged daily for the smallest guests. This  way, parents can also experience their very own moments of freedom at theresort. 

32. Children also learn a lot about the special nature of their vacation red. 

33. In a child-friendly way, the smallest guests learn how to protect their sensitive  environment, the coral reef, and the endemic fauna. 

34. The resort’s Gourmet Meal Plan® also ensures absolute freedom. The premium all-inclusive  includes all meals and all drinks, as well as excursions and activities. 

35. Guests don’t have to worry about any extra costs and can feast and enjoy as theyplease. 36. So how about a culinary trip to Japan, Italy, or theOrient? 

37. Exclusive food and drinks of the highest quality and finest taste await visitors in four  restaurants, two bars and a café. 

38. Director of Culinary is the renowned Italian chef Umberto Piccolini, who transforms every  dish into a special experience. 

39. Along with his 80-member team, he relies on the freshest and finest ingredients. Creative  menus and innovative drinks provide a special culinary experience. 

40. The multifaceted gastronomic concept leaves nothing to be desired. The focus is on a  healthy lifestyle. 

41. Superfoods are no stranger to Cora Cora Maldives Resort, and vegan and gluten-free  options are offered in every restaurant. 

42. The resort’s Asian restaurant Ginger Moon® invites guests on a flavorful journey to bustling  Asian markets. All dishes here are prepared individually and freshly according to guests’  preferences. 

43. Signature dish of the restaurant is “Geang Kati Puu Mhee Hoon”, a savory curry of Phuket  crab meat garnished on vermicelli noodles. 

44. Tazää® serves specialtiesfrom the Orient, Lebanon, India or Sri Lanka, paying tribute to the  ancient spice route. 

45. Typical Maldivian dishes are also cooked here,such as “Kandu Kukulhu Riha”. The Maldivian  yellowfin tuna fillet, traditionally rubbed in curry paste, is also known as “chicken of the  sea”. 

46. Did you know? Yellowfin tuna is the national fish of the Maldives. 

47. The lively meeting place of the resort is the Italian restaurant Acquapazza® with the beach  club attached to it. Here guests can enjoy music, dancing, and entertainment. 

48. Among other things, the traditional Maldivian music “Bodu Beru”, based on drums and  reminiscent of the long relations with East Africa a few centuries ago, can be heard here.

49. Special recommendation is the “Pizza Aquapazza”, topped with cherry tomatoes, buffalo  mozzarella and reef fish. The pizza is baked on a 0.5-meter-long dough plate in a stone oven  and therefore tastes very aromatic. 

50. The Teien® restaurant takes its guests to distant Japan. The dishes are based on the three  pillars of Japanese cuisine: teppanyaki, sushi and kushiyaki. 

51. The “Teien Kushiyaki Platter” with a selection of different skewers, cheese Maki, Enoki  Maki, Ebi and Tebasaki is considered a recommendation of the house. Bonappetit! 

52. Rustic charm meets modern ambience at Café My Coffee®. Guests can take a break here,  enjoy a variety of specialty coffees, and taste their way through a variety of Maldivian  snacks. 

53. Drinks are also included in the Gourmet Meal Plan® and provide special refreshment. For  example, the “No-groni”, a combination of three non-alcoholic drinks served on ice,  provides cooling after a long day at the beach. 

54. The so-called “Popsicle Punch” is also characteristic. Nothing screams summer more than a  popsicle instead of ice cubes in a refreshing mango strawberry lemonade. 

55. Fans of the popular classic “Aperol Spritz” also get their money’s worth at the resort and  can toast an unforgettable vacation with their loved ones. 

56. And if you’re looking for something a little more unusual, Director of Culinary Umberto  Piccolini recommends the “Rosemary Fig Teien Whisky Sour”. Here, Japanese whiskey  meets egg white, fig syrup, fresh lemon juice and a sprig of rosemary.Cheers! 

57. In the future, around 250 experienced employees will look after the well-being of the  guests. 

58. They come from around 20 different countries. 

59. Countless languages are spoken at the resort, including English, French, German, Russian,  Hindi, Arabic, Dutch, Sinhala, Thai and, of course, the local language,Dhivehi. 

60. Customized and individual service is the basis of the philosophy of Cora Cora Maldives  Resort and is particularly emphasized. 

61. Staff and guests will meet at eye level. 

62. With their colorful uniforms, the employees provide splashes of color throughout the  island. 

63. The countless activities are at the heart of Cora Cora Maldives Resort. 64. The Ethnographic Museum Raa Maamigili is also unique on the entire island. 

65. Here, guests gain interesting insight into the history and culture of the Maldives – a unique experience in the entire island nation.

66. 400 artifacts are exhibited in the museum, which were found on the island and tell the  history of the Maldives. 

67. Among them are 50 excellently preserved exhibits from the colonial period of the Indian  Ocean. 

68. Among other things, a 900-year-old bath from the pre-Islamic era, which has only been  partially excavated, and the remains of a cemetery from the golden age of Islam will cause  a sensation. 

69. To give visitors an even deeper insight into the island’s past, a 120-year-old furnished  wooden house has also been recreated. 

70. A typical Maldivian meditation hut, the so-called Vihaara, is also exhibitedhere. 

71. The special treasures of the collection also include a well-preserved oil lamp from the  Buddhist period and high-quality Chinese porcelain from the 15th century. 

72. The museum’s gallery is the only licensed gallery outside the capitalMalé. 

73. In addition to a permanent exhibition, changing contemporary exhibitions by local  newcomers and international artists attract culture-loving visitors here. 

74. On the water, numerous activities provide feelings of happiness for enterprising guests. At  the resort’s water sports center, boredom is far away. 

75. Whether it’sscuba diving,snorkeling, or non-motorized watersports, there’s an activity for  everyone, and it’s even included in the Gourmet Meal Plan®. 

76. Especially during a diving excursion, it quickly becomes clear that the Maldives is a  biologically diverse country. Five of a total ofseven species ofsea turtles are at home here. 

77. The largest fish in the world, the whale shark, also hasits official sanctuary in the Maldives. 

78. Guests can also get to know theirsurroundings better and immerse themselves in the local  culture during boat trips to neighboring islands. 

79. Moments of happiness are also provided by the dolphins, which love to dance on the  surface of the sea. 

80. Couples can enjoy romantic moments during a sunset excursion in a traditional Dhoni boat. 

81. On the island itself, a gym and facilities for boule, beach badminton and beach volleyball  will make the hearts of sports enthusiasts beat faster. 

82. Guests can find relaxation and tranquility at the resort’sspa. 

83. Seven treatment rooms and professionally trained therapists are waiting here for the first  visitors. 

84. Optionally, treatments can be performed on the water or directly on the beach.

85. Bookings at Cora Cora Maldives Resort can be made with many tour operators such as FTI  or DER Touristik. 

86. The airlines Lufthansa and Condor each offer direct flights from Frankfurt to the Maldivian  capital Malé. 

87. A flight to the Maldives takes about 10 hours. 

88. The Maldives is 3 hours ahead of Central European Standard Time in summer and 4 hours  ahead in winter. 

89. The country is considered one of the safest destinations in the world. 90. Currently a negative PCR test not older than 96 hours is required for entry. 

91. In non-crisis periods, only a valid passport is required for entry from Germany, Austria and  Switzerland. 

92. Almost 50% of the Maldivian population is already fully vaccinated. The safety of locals and  tourists has special priority. 

93. Sun protection alarm: Due to the proximity to the equator,the Maldivesreach a particularly  high number of sun rays. They strike almost directly at a 90° angle. 

94. Another tip for planning: the rainy season in the Maldives lasts from early May to mid December. 

95. Did you know? The Maldives is made up of almost 1,200 individual islands. 800 islands are  still uninhabited, 200 are inhabited and another nearly 200 islands house hotels and resorts. 

96. The Maldives is probably the remnant of a chain of submerged volcanoes formed some 60  million years ago. Coral reef atolls are believed to have formed on the sunken remains over  hundreds of thousands of years. 

97. 99% of the land area is water. 

98. The islands are still in motion today because their shapes can change due to natural  influences and water currents. New sandbars are constantly being created for the perfect  vacation selfie, while others disappear. 

99. The Maldives was once a crossroads of ancient trade routes. 

100. Instead of Saturday and Sunday, weekends in the Maldives include Friday and Saturday – for vacationers, of course, any day is the weekend.

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