COVID-19 Updates For 10th May

The total of confirmed cases of COVID-19 has reached 835 in Maldives, with 804 active cases, 28 recoveries, and 3 fatalities.

Here are the latest updates of COVID-19.

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Announcements by HPA

Two of the first cases of COVID-19 in Male’ city has fully recovered from the virus.

A person from Addu, who initially tested positive for COVID-19, tested negative in the 2nd and 3rd tests. Hence, the lockdown in Addu City has been lifted.

A nurse working at IGMH also tested negative the second time, after initially testing positive for COVID-19.

54% of patients infected with COVID-19 are asymptotic, HPA reveals.

Authorities deny rumors that stricter movement control in Greater Male’ Area will be implemented soon.

Five regional hospitals will soon have the capability to do COVID-19 testing, Mabrook has said.

Medtech Maldives Imports 18 ICU Ventilators

Medtech Maldives has imported 18 ICU ventilators to Maldives via Sri Lankan Airlines special charter flight today (10th May).

This was the first 18 ventilators scheduled to bring by the company. These ventilators, shipped from South Korea and Switzerland are approved by the American food and drug administration.

Medtech reports another 15 ventilators to be scheduled to bring to Maldives on 15th May.

Senior citizens allowed out in Turkey

Turkey’s senior citizens have been allowed to leave their homes for the first time in seven weeks under relaxed coronavirus restrictions.

Those aged 65 and over, deemed most at risk from the virus, had been subjected to a curfew since March 21, but they were permitted outside Sunday for four hours as part of a rolling programme of reduced controls. Under-20s will be allowed outside for a similar period later in the week.

COVID-19 spread accelerates again in Germany 

New COVID-19 cases are accelerating again in Germany just days after its leaders loosened social restrictions, raising concerns that the pandemic could once again slip out of control.

US airlines endorse temperature screenings

A US trade group representing major airlines said its members support having the government do temperature checks of passengers as long as necessary during the coronavirus crisis.

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