Create Your Magic and Win BBM Chef’s Challenge 2021!

Participate and showcase to the community your creativity and insights, and create brilliant, world-class dishes at BBM Chef’s Challenge 2021. The competition will take place from January till March 2021.

The challenge involves creating a dish using at least one of the 21 World-class brands and products readily available in the Maldives. These cover dairy, rice, spices, pastry, chocolate, coffee, puree, coconut milk powder, seasoning, sauces, processed meat, pasta, soup, pastes, flour, bread-mixes, and spreads.

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To participate in the challenge, interested chefs have to follow only three specific steps:

1. Create a dish using as many items as you wish from the world-class brands listed on their website (use at least one item).

2. Take a picture of the dish you crafted which shows the logo of some of the brands you used from the list.

3. Post the picture and recipe of the magical dish on any of your Social Media accounts (via Facebook and Instagram). Make sure to make your post “Public” and add the hastag #BBMChef2021.

The “Leader Board” on BBM Facebook page will showcase the leading Chefs in terms of the number of likes. Based on the overall likes, 3 Grand Prize Winners will be chosen at the end of March 2021, where each will be awarded the title BBM Chef’s Challenge 2021 and also win prize money of $1000 for 1st place, $750 for 2nd Place and $500 for 3rd Place.

Similarly, monthly prizes are to be given for every month between January 2021 thru March 2021, those who receive the 3 highest number of ‘Likes’ will each receive one “Café Vergnano” coffee machine and one capsule box containing 30 capsules.

For more information, please visit: BBM Chef’s Challenge

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