Approaches to Resolve Pandemic Issues While Promoting Tourism in Maldives

Maldives Marketing & Public Relations Corporation (MMPRC) has hosted a virtual press conference on to commence the reopening of borders for all nationalities in Maldives, and to launch the “Rediscover Maldives…the sunny side of life” on 15th of July, 2020.

In this Press Conference, the Managing Director of MMPRC highlighted the approaches to resolve the COVID-19 crisis, while promoting travel in Maldives.

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These Approaches Include:

  • Complete E-strategizing of activities
  • Halted major campaigns and launch of new initiatives
  • Provision of credible information about the situations
  • Daily monitoring of markets
  • Toned down messaging in communications
  • Shift to online platforms
  • Light-hearted content for the people to see and dream about the Maldives
  • Remain on top of people’s minds
  • Maintain engagement with local and international partners
  • Preparation for recovery
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