CROSSROADS Maldives partners with Ministry of Economic Development for Fannu Expo 2019

CROSSROADS Maldives has signed an agreement with the Ministry of Economic Development for the sponsorship of Fannu Expo 2019.

The sponsorship agreement was signed on Wednesday, 30th October 2019.

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Fannu Expo 2019 is the national arts and crafts exhibition organized by the Ministry of Economic Development, to be held in Dharubaaruge from 22nd November 2019 to 28th November 2019.

It will feature 250 stalls exhibiting items in 77 different categories; handicraft, fisheries, transportation, construction, culinary arts, literature, fashion and design, information and communication technology, etc.

According to this agreement, CROSSROADS will promote and advertise Fannu Expo 2019, provide a space for promotional materials to be displayed at CROSSROADS, and retail space to sell the local products produced by SMEs. In addition to this, 1000 fabric bags with Fannu Expo logo will be made available.

Singha Estate works closely with local communities to preserve the Maldivian culture, and CROSSROADS houses Maldives Discovery Centre for the purpose of promoting the life and crafts of the Maldives.

The centre is an interactive education-center cum-museum where visitors can discover the unique cultural attractions of Maldives.

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