CTI Maldives Conducts Leadership and Managerial Training for MTCC Management Staff

Maldives Transport and Contracting Company Plc (MTCC) has concluded Leadership and Managerial Training program for the members of various departments. Participants from Procurement Department, Land Transport Division, and Repair and Maintenance Department Members were engaged in this training. The program was conducted in association with Corporate Training Institute Maldives (CTI Maldives).

Participants included from different levels and aspects including Managers, Officers and Assistants.  Even though the program was titled as leadership and managerial, this program various aspects that is essential for officers and assistants to motivate in their working environment. 

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During this training, participants were provided with a session on how to develop a leader’s mindset and leaders in action. Additionally, the program included sessions on how to develop a service improvement mindset and time management skills.

The training was conducted by qualified and experience coaches at CTI Maldives via presentations, videos, workshops, games and activities.

The participants were very happy about the whole program and delivery. “The training has increased my motivation and morale. I would rate this training one of the best trainings that I have attended. The trainers and the presentation which they have delivered is very easy to understand and practical activities helped us visualize actual scenarios. All sessions were fun and enjoyable,” one participant expressed his view after the program. 

Participant feedback forms revealed they were overall satisfied with the training and they would highly recommend the training to their colleagues.

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