CTL Strategies starts publishing “Tax Alert”

Leading tax advisory firm, CTL Strategies has started a new publication called ‘Tax Alert’. This is part of their ongoing effort to keep public and businesses up to date with the latest developments in taxation. The first issue of Tax Alert was published on 28 August 2016.

Tax Alert mainly focuses on the latest changes to the tax laws, regulations and tax rulings. It is common for tax advisory firms in other countries to make public such publications, but this is the first of its kind in the Maldives. It is compiled by a team of tax advisors and lawyers at CTL Strategies.

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Corporate Maldives learns that Tax Alert will be issued on a regular basis highlighting the latest developments in taxation. “We want to assist businesses and public to identify the developments that are important to them and explain to them what implications they have, in a very simple language that everyone can understand”, said Ali Naeem, Managing Partner of CTL Strategies.

The first issue of Tax Alert discusses the recent changes to the imposition of Withholding Tax, Tax Ruling on GST treatment of imported goods, key aspects of remittance tax introduced recently, and the exemption of land tax on the first purchase of a flat.

“So far the comments from public has been extraordinary. We will continue our effort in the delivery of up to date information”, added Ali Naeem.

CTL Strategies, already issues other publications such as “Insight”, which is a ‘technical’ publication which covers issues pertaining to taxation in detail. CTL Strategies is a 100% Maldivian firm specialized in providing tax and legal advisory services to various businesses and it is now a trusted tax advisor to several multinational companies, law firms and other businesses.


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