Customs announces 6% increase in imports, 17% increase in exports in March 2017

Photo by Avas

Maldives Customs Service has released their monthly statistics for March 2017, showing a 6% increase in imports, 17% increase in exports, and 23% increase in customs duty revenue in comparison to March 2016.

The imports for March 2017 is announced as MVR 3 billion, while exports are at MVR 249 million and customs duty at MVR 171 million.

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The details show the largest percentage of items imported as food, totaling to MVR 573 million and 20% of total imports, with machine and electronics following closely behind at MVR 509 million and 18% of the total. Fuel follows in third, at 15% (MVR 438 million). The top countries imported from were UAE (MVR 566 million), India (MVR 358 million), Singapore (MVR 350 million), China (MVR 274 million) and Sri Lanka (MVR 212 million).


The majority of exports were fish and fish products with Fresh or Chilled Yellowfin Tuna which totaling 18% of all exports at MVR 31 million, Skipjack Tuna (16%, MVR 28 million) and Yellowfin Tuna Chunk which was also at 16% with MVR 27 million and more related products. The top countries exported to are Thailand (MVR 31 million), Germany (MVR 20 million), France (MVR 19 million), Ireland (MVR 19 million) and USA (MVR 18 million).

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