Customs to Provide Shipping Services to Registered Agents Only

Customs has announced that the services of the Maldives Shipping Agency will only be provided to the shipping agents registered in the Maldives Transport Authority starting Monday. Regarding this, Customs urges the registered shipping agents to send the registration documents to the authority.

In an announcement made by the Customs, the authority asked the agents registered and issued with a license, to submit the registration documents to the Transport Authority before Sunday. According to customs, agents obtaining a license after these dates also shall submit the registration documents to the transport authority in order to get its services.

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New guidelines for the Maldives Shipping Agency have initially been made and published on 17th July 2020. Under this, shipping agents are now required to register in the Transport Authority and the agents currently operating in the Maldives have been provided with a 1-month duration, to complete the registration processes accordingly.

Reportedly, new guidelines are being made to put an end to counterfeit fees taken by agencies under different names. Although Transport Authority informs that apart from freight fees, MVR 500 can be charged as an administrative fee for delivery orders from the consignee.

Upon commencing the new guideline, shipping agents and freight forwarders are to be informed with the rates for freight and charter rent of the commodities imported into the country.

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