Daily Highlights – 01st June

Here are the latest news updates of 01st June

45 cases have been sent to Criminal Court amid lockdown – PG Office

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45 cases have been sent to Criminal Court in the month of May amid the lockdown in the Greater Male’ Region, stated Prosecutor General (PG)’s Office.

Prosecutor General Hussain Shameem said that 45 cases that were sent to Criminal Court had 77 charge sheets, and all the cases were sent via online means in a contactless and safe manner.

Shameem also assured that PG’s Office is ready to send documents to courts in atolls as well.

He noted that converting to a paperless court proceeding would be a good thing and praised the paperless proceedings.

33 patients in critical condition to be transferred abroad for treatment under Aasandha.

Aasandha is working on transferring 33 patients in critical conditions abroad for further treatment, as necessary treatment for those patients are not available in Maldives.

Managing Director (MD) of Aasandha, Mariyam Shafeeq said that they are in collaboratively working with Ministry of Finance and the governments of India and Sri Lanka to transfer 33 patients in critical conditions.

She also stated that here are a number of patients in the Maldives who require treatment from abroad and that Aasandha will cover expenses for 33 individuals, as of now. As they are prioritizing “critical” patients who are deteriorating due to their ailments.

MD Mariyam assured uninterrupted services of Aasandha amid the lockdown.

Government Repatriates 103 Maldivian Nationals

The government of Maldives has repatriated 103 Maldivian nationals from three different countries.

Ministry of Foreign Affairs has stated that 48 Maldivians were repatriated from Belarus, 23 from UK, and 32 from Sri Lanka.

Foreign Ministry also revealed that the Maldivians repatriated from other countries arrived in Maldives on 31st May, via a Sri Lanka National Airline flight.

Only those being provided government assistance were repatriated from the neighboring country due to limited seat availability on the flight, stated Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

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