Daily Highlights – 23rd May

Here are the daily news updates for 23rd May

Maldives Declares Tomorrow (24th May) as Eid al-Fitr

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Maldives will observe 23rd May as the last day of Ramadan month as Ministry of Islamic Affairs declared 24th May as Eid al-Fitr.

In a statement released by the Ministry, states that no reliable moon sighting were confirmed by Islamic nations nor by any reliable scholars to signal the beginning of Shawwal on Friday (22nd May), hence the Ministry declared 23rd as the last of the Ramadan month.

Islamic Ministry has suspended congregational Eid prayer in the Greater Male’ area due to spread of COVID-19, however in islands where any case of the virus has not been detected can pray in congregational.

Male’ City Council Issues Birth Certificates Online

During the lockdown, birth certificates will be issued online, stated Male’ City Council.

City Council revealed that applications for birth certificates can be submitted via online for babies born during the lockdown period.

The statement released by the council further stated that birth certificates issued online will be temporary, and will be valid till the lockdown lifts.

Permanent birth certificates will be issued after submitting the application form along with all required documents as well as the temporary birth certificate, according to statement.

ADK Hospital Investigates Death of a 4-month-old

A 4-month-old has died in ADK hospital while the child was being treated under the instructions of the specialists.

Following the incident, ADK began the investigation of the case.

According to a statement released by hospital, treatment began when the child arrived at the hospital’s emergency room and an ultrasound and a CT scan was done for diagnosis.

A team consisting of the emergency physician, pediatrician, surgeon and anesthesiologist worked to save the child’s life, according to the statement.

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