Deadline for Airport, Green, and GST Returns Ends Today

Today marks the deadline to submit Airport Tax & Fees Return, Green Tax Return, and GST Return for March 2024, reminds Maldives Inland Revenue Authority (MIRA); GST payments for the first quarter of 2024 are due as well.

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Under current regulations, individual airlines are responsible for collecting Airport Service Charge, Airport Development Fee, and Departure Tax from their passengers. These fees are then remitted to the government by the departing airport. All charges must be paid in United States Dollars.

Changes to the GST Act have resulted in increased tax rates, with the tourism sector now subject to a 16% GST rate and the general sector facing an 8% rate, effective from January 2023.

The Green Tax system imposes a USD6 charge per tourist per day for stays at resorts or hotels, and a USD3 charge per tourist per day for stays at guesthouses. This fee aims to support environmental sustainability efforts in the Maldives.

Stakeholders are reminded to adhere to these deadlines to ensure compliance with tax regulations and contribute to the fiscal stability of the Maldives.

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