Decentralization is the Key to Accessible Healthcare: Minister Naseem

Health Minister Ahmed Naseem (Kerafa Naseem) has stated that the Maldives needs to decentralize its healthcare system to ensure its accessibility.

Speaking at an interview with Public Service Media, Naseem stated that due to the scattered geographical disposition of the country, decentralization is the key to provide easy access to healthcare.

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He said that the vision of the Maldivian government for decentralizing the healthcare system consists of having specialized services available in various regions of the country. Naseem also reiterated the importance of having a well-developed transportation system to make this a reality.

“The Housing Ministry and MTCC are drawing up plans to improve domestic travel as we speak,” said the Minister. “I have been informed that there is a plan to have designated boats for healthcare purposes in the Maldivian seas.”

Naseem stated that once the system is developed, it would bring an end to the need for hiring private speedboats to travel to islands for healthcare reasons.

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