Deployment of submarine cable commences by Ooredoo

The USD 25 million project to lay down a submarine cable in the country from the North to South.

Work has commenced and the landing station at the south at Adduu Hithadhoo has been connected to main submarine line. There would be landing stations at keyoints in the country a GDh.Thanadhoo, Hulhumaale, M.Kolhufushi, B.Eydahfushi and HDh. Kulhuduffushi.

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This massive project has taken underway after Ooredoo gained the necessary licenses to provide internet connections in the country. They are expected to finish the project by the end of January.

With the completion of the cable laying project, Ooredoo expects to provide high speed internet to the entirety of the country. They are using Hauwei’s 100G technology to achieve the necessary speeds that they hope to provide via fiber optic.

Ooredoo has made their mark since its arrival in the Maldives. The project is expected to bring about a shift and a revolution on the way we do business, education and health care via digital media and would shift the currently saturating market with better quality and healthy competition amongst service providers.

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