Dhiggaru Falhu Tourism Zone Development Granted MVR 7 Million for Funding

The Dhiggaru Island Council has recently finalised a project valued at over MVR 7 million to develop a tourism zone through the reclamation of Dhiggaru Falhu. 

The project, awarded to Flexin Pvt Ltd, is slated to be completed in 30 months. As part of the initiative, 10 hectares will be reclaimed from Dhiggaru Falhu, 150 rooms will be constructed, and a picnic island will be established. 

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Dhiggaru Council President Ahmed Nishan informed local media that the project has secured a budget of USD 500,000. Nishan highlighted the employment opportunities for Dhiggaru’s youth within the tourism sector.

At the same time, a forthcoming tourism project is expected in Dhiggaru, centred explicitly around homestay tourism. The Decentralization Act allows councils to undertake projects within their designated jurisdiction, contributing to significant revenue initiatives across various islands.

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