Dhiraagu Adds Kyle and Lulu to Dhiraagu TV

Illustration: Dhiraagu

Dhiraagu has announced that “Kyle and Lulu”, an animated educational cartoon series in Dhivehi is now available for DhiraaguTV customers through its newly introduced VoD platform.

This series will encourage kids to write and read ‘haashaviyani’ through fun and engaging lessons.

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The 2D animated series allows children between 2 to 7+ years to learn the Dhivehi language through lessons that are both educational and entertaining.  

Kyle and Lulu show was produced by ‘Gorillacels’. The company was formed on 2017, aimed at producing animated, educational and entertainment productions.

The company first venture is “Kyle and Lulu – ge Haashiviyani” This series is aimed at children to help them learn to read and write Dhivehi Haashaviyani alphabet. A fun learning experience with Kyle and Lulu

Gorillacels is currently developing a new story-based adventure series of Kyle and Lulu’

As a promotional offer, the VoD feature is enabled to DhiraaguTV customers who have subscribed for the Basic Package and above, free of charge until 31 December 2019. 

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