Dhiraagu and Sparkhub Announce the Successful Closure of Lean Startup Maldives 2023

Dhiraagu and Sparkhub have announced the successful completion of the Lean Startup Maldives 2023, with the programme seeing the participation of 50 individuals eager to learn and embrace lean principles to foster innovation and entrepreneurial growth in the Maldives. 

At the boot camp, participants were immersed in lean methodologies, gaining insights into how these principles can be applied to their processes and startups. The programme provided a unique platform for attendees to explore their ideas through customer validation and experimentation, helping them to understand the importance of iterative development and rapid prototyping. Participants were also introduced to cutting-edge tools and techniques that would enable them to build prototypes faster and help accelerate their path from idea to product. 

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The Lean Startup Maldives 2023 boot camp was an intensive and hands-on experience for the participants. Working in teams, attendees had the opportunity to test and refine their ideas through various experimentation techniques. Additionally, it emphasized the significance of effective customer communication to ensure products and services are designed with the end-users in mind. 

Speaking at the closing ceremony, Aishath Adnan, COO of Sparkhub stated “We are thrilled to witness the overwhelming response and the remarkable growth witnessed during the Lean  Startup Maldives Workshop. Our mission has always been to create an environment that nurtures innovation and entrepreneurship in the Maldives. Seeing the passion and dedication of the participants reaffirms our commitment to fostering a vibrant startup ecosystem”. 

“We will continue to support the development of entrepreneurship skills and empower the local startup culture. We hope that you will continue to apply the learnings in your startups and businesses. We are here to support you and together, let’s embrace the possibilities”  stated Ali Riyaz, CCO, Dhiraagu. 

Participants of the Lean Startup Maldives Workshop expressed how the workshop opened their eyes to the importance of innovating faster and adopting a customer-centric approach to product and service design. 

The boot camp concluded with participants gaining valuable insights into the entrepreneurial journey, applying lean principles, utilising the Javelin’s experiment board, best practices for customer interviews, solution validation, and engaging in expert-ed sessions and interactive exercises. Dhiraagu and Sparkhub have been closely collaborating together in helping to build  entrepreneurial skills to foster the local startup culture 

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