Dhiraagu and UNDP hold the first premiere screening for “Film for change” program

The first premiere of “Film for Change” short movies program initiated by Dhiraagu and UNDP was held on the 25th of September in Schwack Cinema. Film for change is a special program aimed at the youth interested in movie making. The program aims to create interest for the creative arts industry and to make youth aware of the common issues and make them capable of finding solutions to those through making movies on their own. Movies in the program are based on the different issues arising in the Maldivian community. Movie themes belonged to some of the categories of sustainable development goals in the UNDP agenda.

Special training sessions were held from August 16 – 23 in order to prepare participants for the “Film for Change” program. Participants were educated on screenplay, direction, videography and production for movies. Consultant for this project was Mr Hisham Saeed (Andhu) and mentors from Eternal Pictures, Megachip and Streak Studio provided information to participants.

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Under this project, youth are able to show the unwanted issues that arise in the society through their perception. They also get a chance to develop their skills and think about their future.

Dhiraagu and UNDP will be showing these videos on their respective social media platforms.

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