Dhiraagu becomes one of the first companies in South Asia to demonstrate 5G

Mohamed Mirshan Hassan - Senior Manager Brand and Marcomms, showcasing Dhiraagu 5G Demo

As the major internet service provider of Maldives, Dhiraagu has displayed the first ever 5G demonstration in the Maldives. The demonstration was revealed to the public in a special ceremony held in the Dhiraagu Head Office. Other than the Maldives, countries such as India, Hong Kong, Singapore, and Malaysia also demonstrated 5G services in their respective countries.

CEO and MD of Dhiraagu – Mr. Ismail Rasheed

Speaking in the ceremony, the CEO and Managing Director of Dhiraagu, Ismail Rasheed mentioned about the works carried out by Dhiraagu to bring the latest technologies to the Maldives. He further stated that the company is always working to improve the telecommunication industry in the Maldives.

Potential benefits of 5G in Maldives

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5G connectivity is extremely fast. The speed of a 5G connection allows you to download whatever you desire 10x or even 20x faster when in comparison to the current 4G network. Hence, you will be able to get a real time experience from a remote surgery or automated travel systems. 

Director of Networks Dr. Ahmed Firaaq and Mirshan

In addition, it is also a notable advancement that the download and upload speed are also much faster than a 4G connection, becoming a more effective mean of communication during natural disasters. Moreover, the 5G network will also create paths for wholly new digital services.

Currently, no devices or phones that support 5G are non-existent in the markets. However, the larger tech companies are already working on manufacturing and testing such devices. 

Pledges made by Dhiraagu for the future 

The world is becoming more and more digital day by day. It is the aspiration of all Maldivians that the Maldives is updated with all the newest developments in the market of technology along with all the prosperous and larger countries.

To say that Dhiraagu was responsible for clearing the path for digital transformation in the Maldives isn’t untrue. They have always reformed the services offered to their customers in line with the newest developments in the international market of technology. Hence, the 5G demo is an excellent example that the company always attempt to stay up to date.

Chief Guest – CEO of CAM Mr Ahmed Ilyas 

Day after day, the role of technology gets more and more relevant in our social and economic lives. Communication, Business, Entertainment, and Education are some sectors that are dependent on the digital ecosystem provided by Dhiraagu.  Their purpose is to empower customers and to deliver the purpose of the digital future to its peak and to strengthen relationships and to encourage empowerment and innovation. 

Last year, through the slogan “Take on tomorrow”, Dhiraagu had represented modern thinking and a bright future to symbolize that they are prepared for the new advancements in peoples lives brought about by technology. 

Dhiraagu EXCOM members and Chief Guest 

This was proved by the revolutionary changes that have been brought about in the last 1 and 1/2 years in the technological industry. To name a few, Dhiraagu TV that was introduced last year, Dhiraagu Pay, the completely new DIY prepaid plan Mamen, the new Dhiraagu postpaid and Dhiraagu fiber internet was launched in Male, Hulhumale, Vilimale, and 41 other islands and was instigated for 70% of the population. 

In the 30 years of service provided by Dhiraagu, they have brought profound growth to the telecommunication sector. In spite of all the obstacles they face while attempting to develop telecommunication infrastructure, the basic framework of communication has been set up in both sparsely and densely populated islands in the Maldives. 

Dhiraagu is a company that stays up to date with the prevalent evolutions in technology and lifestyle in company with the speed of the changes. And Dhiraagu will always remain a company that cares for its customers, a reliable organization and a classy and future-friendly company.

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