Dhiraagu Commits to a New Gender Action Plan to Advance Women Empowerment

Dhiraagu celebrated the International Women’s Day 2022 with a renewed focus on gender equality  and women empowerment.  

The new gender action plan for the company was communicated by Dhiraagu’s CEO and MD, Mr  Ismail Rasheed at a special staff gathering held today at Dhiraagu Head Office. The renewed efforts  on gender action covers three key areas addressing: 1) Employment Opportunities, 2) Careers in Technical Fields and 3) Enhancing the Work Environment. He further stated that the company is committed to strengthen the efforts on gender action towards a sustainable tomorrow.  

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The key initiatives which the company would focus on were also communicated with staff regarding flexible working, returnship guidelines, structured mentorship and coaching, increasing female  representation in technical roles, in apprenticeship programmes and in managerial roles. 

As part of the events planned for the day, all working mothers were also invited to bring their  daughters and sons to work to celebrate the day together with their children. They were encouraged  to show them the work they do, take them on a tour, meet other colleagues, play fun games and  celebrate the day together. 

Dhiraagu celebrates a culture of no gender discrimination and equal opportunities. In 2019 the  company established a Women Empowerment Committee to further advance gender equality and  create growth and development opportunities. In 2020, Dhiraagu opened a Mother’s Room with  facilities to ease the transition for working mothers returning back to work.  

The company also continues to support initiatives to inspire and empower women as part of its  community focused Corporate Social Responsibility programmes and several programmes are  planned for the year ahead.

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