Dhiraagu Continues Support for Care Society’s Vocational Training Programme

Dhiraagu has reaffirmed its ongoing support for the Care Society’s Vocational Training Programme. The company has been a significant contributor to this initiative since the establishment of the Care Society’s Vocational Training Unit in 2018.

The Vocational Training Programme focuses on empowering young adults with disabilities. Its primary aim is to develop the skills necessary for individuals to live independently and become self-sustaining members of their community. The 2024 program specifically emphasizes essential computer literacy, cooking, and arts & crafts skills. Currently, 27 students are enrolled in the programme, working closely with special educators. Dhiraagu’s contributions will be used to provide vital educational materials for the programme’s success.

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Care Society highlights the positive impact of past Vocational Training Programmes, citing an 81% progress rate among participants. Additionally, students have reportedly displayed improvements in their communication skills, social interactions, and overall independence.

Empowering young people and those with disabilities remains a core element of Dhiraagu’s Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) efforts. Their commitment to the Care Society’s Vocational Training Programme reflects Dhiraagu’s dedication to initiatives that enable individuals to ‘take on tomorrow.’

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