Dhiraagu, Fishermen’s Association Celebrate Young Fisher’s Club Success

Dhiraagu and the Maldives Fishermen’s Association have celebrated the graduation of 35 students from Ihavandhoo School who completed the Young Fisher’s Club program. The initiative successfully introduced students to fundamental concepts of fishing, marine conservation, and sustainability practices.

The program fostered a deep understanding of the marine environment among the participants, with 25 female students demonstrating a commitment to gender inclusivity within the fisheries industry.

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“This marks an important milestone in the association’s tireless efforts to create interest amongst youth about the fisheries industry and the marine environment,” said Abdulla Shakir Mohamed, Secretary-General of the Maldives Fishermen’s Association. “We hope that the students who graduated from this programme will be future leaders in expanding this club’s activities in Ihavandhoo School and other schools in the Maldives.”

The Young Fisher’s Club provided hands-on learning experiences, covering topics like marine biodiversity, fisheries management, and weather patterns. Students also developed valuable life skills, including swimming, snorkelling, teamwork, and leadership.

“The Young Fisher’s Club was a golden opportunity for the school, which taught our students about the environment, fisheries management, and meteorology,” remarked Ahmed Rasheed, Principal of HA. Ihavandhoo School. “It sparked their interest in conserving the environment, including coral gardening, reef protection, and how to use our resources sustainably. This knowledge made it easier to implement the existing curriculum and bring an exciting twist to the lessons.”

Dhiraagu’s Abdullah Sadiq underscored the company’s dedication to youth empowerment and environmental protection. “We are proud to highlight that out of the 35 graduates of the programme, 25 students are girls, demonstrating gender diversity in this key initiative,” he stated.

This successful initiative demonstrates the power of collaboration in preparing the next generation to become responsible stewards of the Maldives’ precious marine resources.

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