Dhiraagu high speed fiber internet and Dhiraagu TV now in N.Holhudhoo

Dhiraagu team with N Holhudhoo council

In order to spread the digital services provided by Dhiraagu, High speed fiber and IP TV services has been officially inaugrated in N.Holhudhoo. 

Dhiraagu is moving at a very fast pace High-speed expand this service all around the Maldives. To do so, starting from 2016, 70% of the Maldivian population already has access to High-speed fibre internet services. The 70% includes Male, Hulhumale, Vilimale, and 42 other islands.

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Fibre broadband is the most recent technology used to provide broadband services. Dhiraagu fibre broadband amenity now provides the fastest speed of internet in the Maldives which is 100 Mbps and includes the largest allowance of 1 TB package. Currently, the homes and businesses in N.Holhudhoo will be able to access this service without any hindrances.

Dhiraagu has also instituted a promotion of fixed broadband in the current month of November. In this promotion, fiber connection is provided cost-free and for a duration of three months, for every fiber broadband connection you get, you will receive a 25% discount. 

Dhiraagu always makes sure to provide easy shortcuts for its customers. Utilizing the latest innovation and technology to improve the experiences of it’s customers will always be carried out by Dhiraagu. 

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