Dhiraagu Inaugurates High-Speed Fibre Broadband and DhiraaguTV Service in Hulhumale’ Phase II via HDC’s Open Access Network

Dhiraagu has inaugurated High-Speed Fibre Broadband and DhiraaguTV service through HDC’s Open  Access Network to the people settling in Hulhumale’ Phase II.  

A special ceremony was held today at HDC Building where CEO & MD of Dhiraagu Mr. Ismail Rasheed and Managing Director of HDC Mr. Suhail Ahmed signed the agreement at the presence of senior officials  from both the organizations. Following the agreement signing, the teams paid a visit to the first customer  at Hiya Flats who had received service for Dhiraagu Fibre Broadband and DhiraaguTV. 

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To provide further ease to customers who would like to apply for Dhiraagu Fibre Broadband and TV service, Dhiraagu team will be present at the grounds near Hiya Flat today until 18:00 hrs. The sales event will  continue from 4 – 10 October 2021 from 15:30 hrs till 18:30 in Hulhumale’ Phase II.  

“We are excited to partner with HDC to further expand Dhiragu Fibre Broadband and DhiraaguTV service to all the new communities settling in Hulhumale’ Phase II. Our top priority remains to ensure that we provide  our services at the same quality and price for all our customer in Hulhumale’ Phase II similar to our services  provided to the rest of country. We will continue to deliver on our brand promise and empower our  customers to ‘take on tomorrow’ stated Ismail Rasheed, CEO & MD at Dhiraagu. 

Speaking at the ceremony, HDC’s MD Suhail Ahmed stated. “I am happy to welcome Dhiraagu onboard as  the first service provider to connect all our communities living in Hulhumale’ Phase II through HDC’s Open  Access Network. As we both share a national vision to serve our communities and bridge the digital divide,  I believe this is a good step towards enabling Hulhumale’ as the first Smart City in the Maldives.” 

As state owned organizations, both Dhiraagu and HDC have a common goal in providing superior services  towards support communities across the nation. Since the first settlement in Hulhumale Phase I, Dhiraagu  has been among the first utility providers to enable the service and today, their service is being provided to  over 50,000 people living in Hulhumale’. 

Open Access Network is a common international practice that allows multiple service providers to provision  internet and TV services through one common fibre network. Dhiraagu remains committed to work with  HDC to serve the new communities to stay connected and optimize operations in this digital age.

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