Dhiraagu introduces Guesthouse TV

Dhiraagu introduced special TV packages for guesthouses in Maldives. Guesthouse TV consists of 3 different packages. The impending plan for Guesthouse TV was announced by the company at the Dhiraagu Guesthouses Maldives Conference 2017 held at Paradise Island Resort and Spa.

According to the leading telecommunications service provider of Maldives, Guesthouse TV will be available to all guesthouses in the islands with Fixed Broadband services of the company.

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Dhiraagu Guesthouse TV brings the first of its kind packages specialised for the guesthouses in Maldives. Along with the special packages, additional digital value-added features will also be available through Guesthouse TV. This will include requesting room service and recreational activities via the TV. The most special feature will be that guesthouses can customise user interface to suit their preferences.

According to Dhiraagu, the introduction of this new Dhiraagu Guesthouse TV will help guesthouse in enhancing the customer experience of their guests.

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