Dhiraagu Maldives Aeropress Championship – A gathering for coffee lovers

This year’s premier coffee event, Maldives Aeropress Championship (MAC), is proudly sponsored by Dhiraagu. The championship, organized by Coffee Lab Roasters, will be a full day event, to be held on 7 Sep 2018 at RasRani Bageechaa.

This event is the largest and first public coffee event of its kind. The event will feature 4 experience stations for the general public to experience the full expression of what specialty coffee is about. There will be an espresso bar, manual brew bar, designer beverage and coffee tasting sessions, held by popular local specialty cafes.

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World Aeropress Championship is held annually since it’s inception in 2010, in a different country each year. More than 50 champions from around the globe will participate in this year’s event which is to be held in Sydney. The winner from MAC will take part in the World Aeropress Championship.

CEO of Coffee Lab Roasters, Afrah stated that there is a very long-standing coffee culture in the Maldives and that he hopes that Maldives is represented on many such international platforms. “I hope that many youngsters get interested in the art of specialty coffee and passionately work towards making a career out of it”, Afrah added.

A public workshop will be held prior to the event. The workshop will be held in Family Room, Hulhumale’ on the 19th of July and 16th of August, whereas the third workshop will be held in Dhiraagu Premier Lounge on 30th of August.


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